Beware of UK Property Investment Renovation Mistakes

UK property investmentRenovating your UK property investment is always for the better, right? Wrong! Not only improvements and upgrades to an asset bring in value, add to its functionality or improve upon its aesthetic appeal. There are occasions where owners and investors commit blunders during a renovation and we took it upon ourselves to list down what these are to warn you.

Mistake # 1: Going for the cheapest contractors

There’s nothing wrong about wanting to save up on costs but be sure that you do not sacrifice quality in exchange. The best thing for you to do is to search for the best ones in town and get a quote from your top three. The quote should be in written format and details all there is to do about the work. Some contractors unfortunately hand you a cheap quote just to get the job and then make use of substandard materials to lower their expenses. That’s not what you want, is it?

Mistake # 2: Not validating your measurements

Before you break a wall, change up your cabinet doors, buy a new countertop or anything else for that matter, be sure that you’ve got your measurements right first. You do not want to purchase new installations and materials only to find out that they do not fit.

Mistake # 3: A poorly made budget

Property investment renovations come with costs and by that, you have to make sure that you not only have adequate resources but you also have the wise allocation of it. Renovations come with various expenses. More often than not, there are even surprise costs that you may have not considered initially. This makes it important to set up a well made budget and to add a miscellaneous spot for those emergency needs.

Mistake # 4: Foregoing what seems invisible

Wires and pipes are examples of these. Many investors fail to realize that renovations should not merely be done on items that are visually pleasing or are blatantly visible. If you want to maintain the asst then you need to take care of its integral and inner structures and systems too.

Mistake # 5: Failure to seek professional advice

Before you being any amount of property investment renovation, see to it that you consult it to an expert like, first. There will be cases where what seems to be a good project turns out to be futile after all. For example, does adding a second floor really add value to the asset or will it be more of a cost burden than a value raiser?

Signs of a Quality Commercial Property for Sale

commercial-property-for-saleWhen looking for a commercial property for sale, buyers need to be smart. You have to know how to shop around. You cannot waste your time looking at the wrong options. Remember that time is of the essence too and as the clock ticks away, the good choices are being taken or if not, their prices are rising by the hour. So how exactly do you find one? Read up on the following list of signs to know how!

  • Easy Customization – When searching for any commercial space, one of the things you will have to look at is whether or not it fits the features needed for the purpose by which you are buying it. But we all know that it would be pretty impossible to get one exactly the way you imagined it. This makes it important that you get one that is easy to customize. Plus given the fact that you might have to repurpose and change it up once in a while, this shall make things easier and more cost efficient.
  • Strategic Location – You want heavy foot traffic to cater to a wider market. Convenience and easy access will also play a huge role in keeping regulars and patrons coming back for more.
  • Ample Space – You cannot work well with cramped spaces. Not only does it look unprofessional but it hampers movement and with it productivity.
  • Available Parking – We all hate it when a shop doesn’t have parking space. It’s a huge hassle and most people would drive past instead. That means customers lost and nobody wants that for sure.
  • Ergonomic – The property must have enough space to allow movement and such must be accompanied by safety and ease of use. This is not only for the good of employees but for clients as well.
  • Cost Efficient – Get a commercial property that allows you to cut on costs. For example, one that allows lots of natural light to come in can help you cut on the lighting costs during the day.
  • Useful Life – The longer its useful life, the longer it remains functional and useful to you. Find out about this with the help of a property surveyor and examiner. Don’t rely simply on what the seller tells you.
  • Ongoing Costs – A quality commercial property for sale has low and minimal ongoing costs. These maintenance and repairs expenses will have a huge impact on your spending later on. You want them as low as possible.

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